They say that photos speak a thousand words. But, they do a lot more than that. Photos document our adventures, our lives, and the moments we turn into memories. Instagram has made it possible to share those memories with friends new, and old, all at the push of a button. Apps like VSCO, give you the ability to create truly stunning images, and have spawned a generation of incredible iPhone only photographers. But, with all of that care and curation, our photos are still just bits and bytes that exist in digtal space.

We hope to create some permanence, by marrying the digital and analog worlds in a fun and nostalgic way, with Reelagram. Happy hunting!

curate & share your favorite instagram moments
image credits: @dpmarshall @elizabethgilmore @fraustoandco @michellekraker @jimifilipkovski @nathanmichael @grantlegan @sarapoons
commonly asked questions

What is a reelagram?

You might remember the View Master from back in the day. We're bringing them back in a fresh way, with a little help from Instagram.

How do I make one?

Sign in with your Instagram account, choose 7 photos from your gallery feed, preview and then checkout.

how much does it cost?

$29.95 for a reel + viewer, $19.95 for a reel only. Prices do not include shipping & handling.
( In some countries we understand that VAT, duties, or other import taxes may be due on delivery. Before placing an order, we recommend reaching out to your local customs agency for more info. )

Do I need a Viewer?

If you don’t already own a Viewer, you can pick one up during checkout.

Can I get one for a friend?

If you’re looking to create a Reelagram as a gift for friend, you can enter their username to choose photos from their gallery feed.

Why can I only use 7 photos?

You’ve probably noticed there are 14 slides on the reel. For proper vewing, each photo needs to be represented twice, for both eyes.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely. You can select your country at checkout, contact us if it’s not listed.
(International shipping can take up to 6-8 weeks)

Can i order in bulk?

We offer discounts for ordering duplicates. For orders over 100, please contact us.